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Important news BAHN 3.86:


Important news BAHN 3.85:

Release 2:

Release 3:



Important news BAHN 3.84:

• text data coded as Unicode (16bit/character), however compatible with Windows98 upwards
• names of objects can contain lowercase letters and special characters, eg. umlauts or accented like ä or á
• display of shunting points can be turned off, new version with white half-circle plate
• layout size 32768x32768 elements
• more versions for bumpers / end of line / signals
• hierarchical depot structure "Name:Track", track numbers 1..99 per depot
• depots have long and short name (16 characters / 4 chars)
• all versions of depots available for any driving way
• maximum speed 600km/h
• 3 train categories (passenger, freight, special) and more train types
• train length at max. 200 elements/vehicles
• stopping points for 3 trains same time, also at timing points served as stops
• double stop is served by 2nd train also, when 1st didn't leave completely but is blocked
• texts in the layout may get individual colors if not directly neighbouring side-to-side
• speed restrictions and signals may be set invisible individually each
• time data can contain days of week (timing points, trains, signal systems, junction turnouts etc.)
• go on- and off-duty as non-revenue trip can be defined separately
• some new options at data-change points
• signal elements and signal systems divided: Each element and each system have a unique name. Elements can switch multiple installations and can depend on multiple installation
• distant-signals for all available stop-signal types
• combined stop and distant signals for all signal types except tram signals
• speed restrictions may work dependend on route code / train number
• infotext of 10,000 characters for each route code
• layout can get a background bitmap
• display of traindata (route/train number) also in schematic view 1:2 and 1:4 and similar display of object data (number/name) from 1:4 upwards
• layout data extended by sub-surface levels -1 to -4, new technique for tunnel lines
• help system changed to CHM (for W*ndows V*sta)
• permissive running
• stretching (enlarging) of layout (parts)
• more user-defined scenery elements per layout
• some errors fixed, some new errors added instead

Release 3:



Important news BAHN 3.83:

Grade crossings (level crossings) blinking, also reverse
• New grade crossing signals (2 alternating lights, yellow-red-light), more new signals
• In abstract view, signal colors are configurable (by default red/green)
• New driving way "Path" for road vehicles
• Rough statistics about train's times of service and summary
• Local info texts max. length 10kB
• Train texts in the layout (route / number) also on transparent background
• Use of 24bpp color depth, color palette no more supported
• Variable background color also in abstract and map modes, no more color palette limitations
• Slip turnouts (English points) also with platform
• Timing points + stops new version: platform + "T"/"H" only
• Searching driving way symbols: can be restricted to current graphics version
• Status "Going off-duty" can be deleted manually when editing the train
• Data change points can erase data for going on-/off duty (by D=X resp. E=X)
• New zoom factor (enlarged scale) 6:1
• Up to 50 .uzg files per layout, 1800 user-defined scenic symbols
• New data format for vehicles (existing user-defined cars can still be used)
• More variable vehicle length and width, more colors, 16 cars per vehicle fleet, no more maximum length summary
• Vertical car graphics overlapping, separation roof/front/rear parts
• Changing lights added for more than 1400 vehicles
• Light changing separated from pantograph change, ie also "backwards" running shows correct light (eg el.locos)
• Some cars redesigned resp. added, see list
• Up to 100 user-defined vehicle files per layout (=16,000 vehicles)
• Extra graphics in display scale 2:1 and higher ("Zoom2"), optionally
• Actually available as Zoom2 gfx: driving ways, some buildings + signals, about 1600 vehicles
• Zoom2 graphics with more colors, integrated Zoom2 vehicle editor
• Integrated Zoom2 editor (vehicles only)


Important news BAHN 3.81:

• Marked area in the layout can be changed by mouse
• Right mouse button in the layout opens local menu
• Scrolling by right mouse button braked (variable regulation)
• More precise calculation of train speed, acceleration 0.05 to 3.00m/s²
• Vehicle list shows all trains using the selected car
• Train table with buttons "Look for" and "Follow"
• Up to 40 user-defined vehicle sets per layout
• Up to 40 .uzg files per layout, 1440 user-defined scenic symbols
• Hot-key "U" leads to last recently used block of user-defined symbols
• Route managing extended: name up to 8 characters, copying when creating a new route, at max. 2000 routes
• Copy/Paste via clipboard extended by routes and depot data
• Signals and contacts with route and depot list, signal systems without signals allowed now
• Signal elements with turning off effect ("-") in reverse driving direction and with turning-back time
• Off-contacts for 2 directions omitted, option "OFF in reverse direction" also available for contacts instead
• Switch contacts and signals with platform
• Grade crossing signals also on own trackbed
• New signal constructions (4 point tram signal, higher light signals, for right- and left-handed traffic)
• Data change points: name up to 16 chars, change of max speed and shunting length
• Dispatcher messages: at max 200, display of day (relative) and current route
• More exact report about late departures
• Logging extended (eg display of day, scheduled time at timing points and in case of lateness)
• Log-points with direction[s] of effect
• Warnings when deleting objects and use of mysterious filenames can be turned off
• Auto stop time can count days
• Maximum number of speed restrictions, stopping pts, shunting pts 40,000 each
• Maximum number turnouts 60,000, timing pts 20,000, data change pts 10,000, depots 4,000
• Depot names up to 8 chars, timing pt names up to 16 chars
• Clock window, "top-most", for simulation time
• Display of train data (in normal view) extended
• Shunting pts with variable direction of effect
• Storing of up to 32 cursor positions with comment (remarks) and calling time
• Versions of some graphic symbols re-organized and extended (stops, timing points)
• Speed restrictions with more versions and valid value = 0 for terminating, extra terminate signs omitted
• Data change pts, shunting pts and some turnouts with additional versions (with platform)
• Hot-key >F12< / >Ctrl+F12< for exchange driving way / mirroring scenic symbol at cursor position
• Bumpers with platform[s], all bumpers / line ends are registered
• Handling of platforms on simple driving way extended
• Double platform and station halls (vertical) also on road

Important news BAHN 3.80:

• MS Windows 32Bit required (Win95 or higher)
• Crossing switches (slip points) single+double
• Redesign of tracks: horizontal tracks centered, tracks on gravel, grassy lines
• Lines on roads (bus) and water (ships)
• New versions of stops and timing points (red+blue)
• Departures from timing points and signal switch times in seconds
• User-defined graphics: 10 files scenic, 8 files vehicles per layout
• New and revised buildings, new vehicles (see list)
• Platforms in curves
• Extent of layout 16384x16384 elements
• Copy of layout parts via clipboard (Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete), also between different layouts
• Moving of trains in smaller steps
• Acceleration/Braking (braking at speed limits only, no braking to 0 when stopping)
• Some memory sections enlarged (depots, routes, turnouts)
• Longer trains (up to 100 cars resp. track symbols), train numbers 1..999 per route
• Protocolling (Logging/traffic counting) with log points and dispatcher messages
•Foreign language configuration (variable fonts / text resources in text files *.lng instead of binary *.rtx)
 (if you want to translate some into a foreign language; please ask me before, • to prevent that some people do the same job)
• Import of layouts as text files (.bna files)
• Bumpers/track endings with reversal time
• Braking factor for sim speeds 2..19 (for fast computers)
• Stops with settings: train types (individually), list of routes, double stop, waiting time list, trains going off-/on duty, new speed limit
• Exchanging driving way sysmbols in whole layout / in marked area
• State of train follwing (watching) shown in window title
• Up to 1000 backup files .nt2 per layout, password protection for layout files
• Extension of route change points into data changing points
• Timing points: new speed limit, up to 3 reset times
• Alternating turnouts: up to 3 reset times
• Grade crossings ("St.Andrews cross" signals) also for left-handed traffic and with barriers

Important news BAHN 3.70:

• MS Windows required (3.1 or higher)
• Some problems of the DOS versions solved
  (memory management, VESA graphics, mouse control)
• Exchanging text data via Window's clipboard
• Output of statistic data and via clipboard uses ANSI character code
  (Windows instead of DOS)
• No more special map mode (instead zoom scale 1:32 to 1:512 for each edit window)
• Mode menu replaced by Window menu, Screen saver mode omitted
• Some dialog boxes re-designed
• Less colors configurable
• File format of layout files did not change: NT3 files of BAHN 3.59 can be loaded and saved
• Some cars redesigned resp. added

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